Song is a derivative art form based on music. It is the use of the human voice to enhance music. This magnifies the ability of music to express emotions. Human voice is THE auditory method of conveying emotion.

The voice can express any emotion, from love to anger to sadness. Set to music, it amplifies this effect. It strengthens the emotional content of the voice by accentuating parts of it. For instance, love can be brought out by expressing joy and liveliness in addition to the passionate voice.

Song also adds words to music. In this way, it combines literature with music. The words can produce a story, or they can be used as poetry. By combining the two forms of art, they can enhance each other. The music can add emotion, allowing further concretizing of the concepts the literature is attempting to concretize. The literature can provide context for the music, allowing it to be concretized as well. The two make a powerful combination.

Copyright 2001 by Jeff Landauer and Joseph Rowlands