Jackson Pollock
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Ruby, the painting Elephant

Post-Modern Esthetics

In the last century, the concept of art has been almost entirely destroyed. Although people still speak of art as if it had wondrous qualities deserving respect, they can no longer identify why it should be respected. The concept has been twisted, confused, and misapplied.

The "art" that has been produced over this time is revolting, and the general public dislikes and disrespects it. It has become a joke of sorts. Everything associated with "modern art" is so crazy and irrational, people have stopped paying attention to it. They believe it's a stupid game played by intellectual snobs. They don't understand the "art", and don't understand the game. They ignore it, deeming it to be useless.

Real art fulfills a very real need. Because the concept of art has been twisted beyond recognition, the new "art" cannot fulfill this need. Since people have started to ignore art, they don't realize it's role in human life. By accepting the new definition of "art", they cannot distinguish between real art and the products of the destroyers of art. They cannot identify the need, let alone fulfill it.

Everything is Art
Destruction of Meaning
Innovation in Art

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